Ironwood's Mission

The Ironwood Difference

Our Mission:

To take the frustration and uncertainty out of injuries to allow you to return to champion level performance

After years of working in the traditional physical therapy setting, Dr. Andronico determined many pitfalls with traditional therapy prevented athletes from getting the care they deserved. He envisioned Ironwood therapy as an all inclusive rehabilitation location where athletes would have access to everything necessary to succeed. Through research based programming, strategic planning sessions, and constant communication, Ironwood will allow athletes to return to elite performance in less time than traditional therapy.

Ironwood’s goal is to remove confusion and provide clarity to every aspect of your rehab. More than just the 2-3 hours of typical therapy, we will provide a plan for every occasion. Our team understands the psychological aspect of injuries and how frustrating it is to not be able to play the sport you love.

Ironwood’s goal is to give every athlete the attention and care they deserve, to prepare them for every situation, and miss less time because of their injury. This approach is used by professional athletes and there is no reason your rehabilitation should be any different.

The Game Plan

01. Evaluation and strategic planning session

02. Perform daily app delivered personalized rehab program

03. Communicate with your therapist every step of the way

04. Return to champion level performance