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Ironwood Therapy and Performance offers a unique model that specializes in treating athletes and athletic adults.

Are you in pain when playing your sport?
Unsure if you will be able to successfully return for the big game?
Frustrated, injured and unsure of what to do?
Want to miss fewer games and return from injury faster?
Feel let down by traditional physical therapy?
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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Justin was very patient with me during his initial consultation and asked me what my goals were and he came up with a plan to meet those goals. He pushed me when possible and held back when I needed it. I have never been through anything so challenging in my life but Justin made it easier and was very compassionate during the peaks and valleys of the recovery."

Dave Stewart

Adult Ice Hockey Player

"I scheduled a new patient visit Dr. Justin Andronico post surgery, and within record time was back to running, training, etc-all things I couldn’t do before my injury. Justin dedicated his time and energy towards my injury, from the very beginning with the basics of rehabilitation to the end with training and work out plans. Justin’s attention to detail and ability to tailor each exercise to his patients needs is like none other. I was actually surprised at the amount of attention Justin had given me and my injury, as I had never experienced this before at previous PT practices. I highly recommend any patient seeking physical therapy for any type of injury, to make the right decision and work with Justin and Ironwood Physical Therapy."

Ali L.

National Champion Gymnast

"Every time I saw Justin, he would be eager to strike up a conversation and not only ask me about my knee but ask me how I was and what I was up to. When he stretched me out, he would ask if there was any pain and if I could go farther. He knew just the right amount to push me. We’d start out with a light stretch and some simple exercises to not only strengthen my knee but also my hips, quads and leg muscles. Before every exercise, Justin would explain to me what I was going to do and why it was beneficial."

Megan M.

HS Varsity Soccer Player